I have a bunch of lineups out there today, but this is the one I am going with the most...

QB Andrew Luck
RB Devonta Freeman
RB Todd Gurley
WR Martavis Bryant
WR T.Y. Hilton
WR DeAndre Hopkins
TE Ladarius Green
FLEX Michael Crabtree
DST Rams

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12/27/2015 1:10pm

Hey there, I used to keep track of your picks a lot. Where did you go, why did you stop with the blog posts? One other thing I'd like to add - I'd love it if you could elaborate more on the data behind the picks as well, kinda like what the guys over at <a href="http://www.fantasysportsdaily.com">http://www.fantasysportsdaily.com</a> do. It definitely allows for a more transparent picking process.

06/17/2016 11:38am

Hey bud, i don't know how draftkings haven't caught up with your site yet which is in violation of so many TOS that i don't feel like listing. The major one being : the $600 deposit match - no affiliate is allowed to promote that and is grounds for immediate termination. And oh BTW, the promo codes are all nulled and you're not allowed to encourage people to use one. Check the TOS they changed around match.
If this site is not all fixes and by the TOS by tomorrow June 18 I'll send it over to the affiliate managers at draftkings Javier and Danielle, they'll ban you on the spot.
This is your one and only warning, i could have just send them your site and be over with it. Just fix it if you want those draftkings moneys to keep coming

09/17/2016 8:35pm

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10/14/2016 7:17am

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10/26/2016 9:59pm

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01/06/2017 3:30am

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