Crazy night last night. My team scored 113.5 points and didn't even win any 50/50's. Here's my picks for tonight...

P   J. Quintana
P   J. Verlander
C   J. Jaso
1B  C. Davis
2B  C. Hernandez
3B  M. Cabrera
SS  C. Correa
OF  K. Davis
OF  C. Gonzalez
OF  J. Martinez


04/14/2016 1:03pm

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04/26/2016 4:58am

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Ok, thanks to you I know who to come out for the field. I expect them to win.

04/07/2017 1:20am

Cool win! I have never had a lot of scores too. That's not easy!


How much did you won? What is the whole score?


Sounds like you are a big baseball fan, aren't you? It's a nice post for me.


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